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Tales From Inside The Wall

A series of short comics based on the movie ‘Nimona’ – comics about pancakes, robot arms, and more!

Updates Fridays.

(Also available on Webtoons!)

Close To Home

Self-imprisoned on a purgatory train where every car is its own world, two engineers try to escape an A.I. who has other plans for them. Featuring a giant robot, defective clones, and CHEESE SPIDERS.

(AKA an alternate universe of the show ‘Infinity Train’ where Amelia has Alrick… with complications.)

On hiatus.

Check out the trailer!

(Now also available on Webtoons!)


Ten years after the events of Season 3, Hazel works as Amelia’s assistant, fixing broken cars. That’s when a routine maintenance trip goes wrong. Based on the show ‘Infinity Train’.



Based on the show ‘Steven Universe’, Tourmaline is set in an alternate timeline where Peridot never changed sides. (Based off of PhantomRose96’s story by the same name.)

On hiatus.